Charles-Laurent Marchand's Booty Is Back In Action

August 24, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

Fiercely fine French model Charles-Laurent Marchand is back at it again with that bouncy bubble butt of his! We saw him hanging out naked all weekend this summer while posting it all on his Instagram story, then he showed off his barbecuing skills in the buff (if you don't count the apron), and now he's giving us L.I.F.E. with yet another dose of his derrière - that's French for "perfect ass."

In his latest story post, Charlie showed off his cheeky peach in possibly the hottest patriotic way. As he stood atop a wall completely naked, he held up the French flag and let it flow in the wind. 



Charles has been in the states the past few months working, but he's planning on going back home to visit his family for a few days this week. I know what you're thinking - "there's MORE of them?!" God I hope so. 

Quality time with him ?#bear #cuddletime

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Beautiful surprise to begin a weekend... ?

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How many people could you fit in this shower...? ?

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Then again, there may not be enough room in this world for another specimen of his kind. In my dreams, on the other hand, there are plenty more where this one came from. 

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