Celebrity Big Brother Star Struggles With His Dick In Lycra

August 23, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


The fact that Celebrity Big Brother isn't helmed by Ryan Murphy is quite the shocker, because it stars a bunch of fuckable guys who love to go nude and pretty much 100% doubles as gay fetish porn. I've never typed in "Hardcore Lycra" on xHamster before, but I'm thinking of throwing it into the mix after seeing reality television sensation Chad JOHNSON (really?) fiddle with his stick under his tight green bodysuit!

If this was 2016 I'd assume that Johnson was simply wearing the latest trendtastic DTLA garbage from American Apparel, but this is 2017, and in the clip, a dystopian female voice instructs Johnson to wear only what's provided by the CBB team for some God-knows-what scenario. At first, Johnson tries to cover his penis with basketball shorts. But after acquiescing to Hal, we see his super hot visible penis line!  

The hottie struggles with whether to tuck his junk or let it show, and after divulging his fear that tucking would lead people to believe he doesn't have male genitalia (not making that up,) he decides to let it fly free. Thank Gawd! I think this is super fucking hot for some reason, to the point where it's actually giving me that not-so-fresh feeling down there. You?! Penny for your slots! 


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