Pussy Go Bye Bye, Here's K.J. Apa's Ass Crack In Ripped Underwear!

August 22, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


::Sings:: Well it's a great, day, to be alive, I see K.J. Apa's hole when I close my eyes! Being from Appalachia it's my responsibility to like terrible music. Anyway, our number one dirty little faux ginger fuckboy, K.J. Apa, never leaves us parched for too long with all his homo light antics with Cole Sprouse and ripped to death shirtless Insta bod pics, but these new gifs of his RIPPED UNDERWEAR represent his best fuck boy work yet! It really is a great day to be alive folks!

The Archie portrayer on the hit CW series Riverdale can be seen walking around in one of his infamous tight white t-shirts paired with jeans, but the magic happens between the two articles, where shredded Calvin Klein underwear reveal a peek at Apa's apa-solutely amazing ass crack. While we know that the damage was probably created by Cole Sprouse pawing at Apa's hole, that footage is currently MIA. Man, if I could just touch the hem of this garment. And then have Apa gag me with it! I mean, bye, enjoy the gifs below! I mean, asphyxiate me with your underwear Apa.



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