FBF: What Makes These Random Nude Woodstock '99 Boys So Fap-Worthy?

August 18, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency



Celebrities aren't doing a whole hell of a lot right now, so what better time is there to dig into my fappy fantasies with this random ass Flashback Friday! The preferred day for anyone whose counterpart used up Throwback Thursday this week. For something much more worthwhile. I was perusing news sites last night, trying to make sense of everything that's going on in the world, when I found myself on Buzzfeed's "36 Pictures That Show What A Huge Shitshow Woodstock 1999 Really Was." Number 17 will shock you! 

And it did. For some reason, this bit of journalism really stuck with me, and had me sticking to myself in my underwear. Two menz can be seen walking completely nude across a dystopian 90's wasteland with their delish asses and unreal tan lines on full display. Literally nothing like a crispy athletic sunscreen-optional 90's tan! 

We've seen a lot, a lot, a lot of fucking butts on here, as well as some butt fucking, but for some reason, I am living for these boys. Especially the one on the right. You know I like a plump butt, and this bitch is the plumpest, but there's got to be something else going on that makes this so fappable. Or am I just losing it? Thoughts? This is super hot, right? If not, one up me with a hotter picture in the comments to snap me out of it! 


H/T: Buzzfeed

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