Boy Culture: The Series Kickstarter Underway; Relive Original's Gay Nudity And See New HAWT Cast!

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Renaissance man and friend of the Flesh, Matthew Rettenmund, the mastermind behind Boy Culture, is enlisting the help of thirsties everywhere with a new Kickstarter to bring 2006's Boy Culture movie back to life! The original featured sexy man ass from hotties with botties, and the new series promises to feature even hottier bottiers with celebs like Steve Grand, Matt Crawford, and Mrs. Gus Kenworthy herself, Matthew Wilkas


Matthew Wilkas with dick and ball camel toe. Maybe more dick and ball camel toe on Boy Culture: The Series? We'll have to see.

Matthew Crawford

Steve Grand

Here's what Mr. Man has to say about the original 2006 Boy Culture movie:

Sex pays but love costs in Boy Culture (2006), an independent dramedy that follows X (Derek Magyar), an emotionally distant male escort that gets romantically involved with his two roommates, Andrew and Joey (Darryl Stephens and Jonathon Trent), and his new client Gregory (Patrick Bauchau), a much older man who hires X for companionship, not sex. 

And here's what we can expect from Boy Culture: The Series:

The sequel will explore themes of sexuality, sex work, age, race, closeted celebrities, cosplay, PrEP, and how gay men can make a committed relationship work in a world where sex — just like your favorite show to binge-watch — is available on demand.

Matt Wilkas takes on the role of X, so I'm mostly excited to see (and please take notes if you're reading this, Rettenmund, which I can guarantee you're not) Wilkas pound out Steve Grand like he needs religion. And, scene. Not a director, just a dreamer. 

Matthew Rettenmund helps to legitimize our ungodly porn den/Nolan Gould fangirl site by featuring Fleshbot Gay on Boy Culture, so if you're excited to see Boy Culture: The Series, make sure to check out the Kickstarter page for a ton more info! Here's a scene from the 2006 original that needs to be recreated with Matthew Crawford in bed like, yesterday.


[Head Here To Check Out Boy Culture: The Series Kickstarter]

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