Cameron Dallas Shirtless Roundup Featuring My Dirty Fuck Monkey

August 16, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Ooh-bitchdoo, I wanna be like you, indeed. It's been a while since we caught up with our number one delish Insta fame ho Cameron Dallas. While I've been refreshing you-know-who's Instagram profile looking to get that Jonasty stank back on Fleshbot Gay, Dallas has been stripping down to the delight of his over 20 million followers! Nick Jonas has been posting about his artistic journey. Dallas 1, Jonas 0. 



Last time we took a trip to Dallas we were treated to a pube buffet and ample sexy shirtless action. This time around the pubes are unfortunately at bay, but we do get to see Dallas being all sporty spice with the boys! Cameron does a backflip off a cliff, jumps into a pool head first, and, of course, teams up with his fellers to create a yummy monkey totem poll that I just want to git, up, in.

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Every time I post about Dallas one of you comments "Cute! But who exactly are you my dear?" and it makes my day, so let's just keep guessing as to what exactly it is that Dallas does. Today I'll say he's a... sexy gas station attendant. Tomorrow, who knows!





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