Dominic Pacifico Lets Us On To The Sound Of Dominic

August 15, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Dominic Pacifico lets us on to his favorite fetish - sounding!

[WATCH: Sound of Dominic -]'s not his favorite playlist...unless you think the sound of him cumming from sounding is music to your ears (it may just be)

He's only been producing content again for a few months, but he's been taking the industry by storm! Kink, taboo, amateur, you name it - there hasn't been a type of content Dominic Pacifico has put out in his short time back that hasn't killed it.

And this time, he's back at it - just jamming metal rods down his urethra, NBD. 

And tugging on his nipples to get himself in the mood.

From Dominic

Dominic Is fascinated with this beautiful cock play and has a collection of gold-tip sounds he likes to use on himself. Working his urethral hole open and lubing it up good with a smaller rod, he then reaches for a thicker one to really stretch his hole wide. Massaging his cock from the inside Dominic loves to shove the probes deeper and deeper down to the base of his cock until he has an explosive orgasm. 

Well, FIRST he gets himself hard.

Even in HD, Dominic Pacifico's cock is yummy.

Then He starts with one of his smaller rods...

You can tell he really DOES like sounding - he's pre-cumming!

...Then He works his way up to one of his bigger rods...

And he's not even flinching.

But it was his biggest rod that made him cum!

And Dominic being Dominic, he CERTAINLY doesn't let that cum go to waste.

Gotta clean the rod off after you use it, right?

While everything Dominic has produced in these last months has been fire, I hope he doesn't burn out too quickly - an all-trick pony if you will. Because after sounding, bareback threesomes, a taboo Catholic flick, and all the other scenes he's done, what do you do to keep it interesting?

Maybe we'll see..

What's YOUR favorite kink? Is it sounding like Dominic Pacifico?


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