HBO Series Room 104 Had Insane Dick Montage

August 14, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency



While the world (re: me) was waiting to see if Jaime Lannister would whip out his peen to bring his sister to fits of ecstasy on Game of Thones this weekend, another HBO series, Room 104, was bringing the dong in a major way! On Friday, the comedy horror series helmed by Mark Duplass featured a trippy montage including a game of dick whack-a-mole worthy of a gay porn parody like, yesterday. Here's the jizz-st of Room 104:

Fascinated by what really happens at that corporate chain hotel near the airport -- from the funny and weird to the scary and absurd -- creators Mark and Jay Duplass ("Togetherness," "Animals") check into "Room 104." The anthology series is set at an average American motel and tells stories ranging from comedies to dramas to horrors, with the tone, the characters and the era changing every time.

The inclusion of a dick parade isn't entirely surprising considering Mark Duplass has shown his own cock in two different scenes in Togetherness. The epileptic penises in this new scene are as-of-yet uncredited, but that isn't keeping me from attributing them to a dream team cast! And imagining hovering my hole over that Chuck E. Cheese's: After Dark game and waiting for my prize...

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