Adam Ramzi and Matthew Bosch Play The Ol' Boyfriend-Swap Switcheroo

August 10, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Once their boyfriends go to the gym for a workout, Adam Ramzi is eager to get Matthew Bosch's cock in his hands...and his ass

[WATCH: Swap Scene One - Titan Men]

Ah, yes. The ol' bait-and-switch.

Not the bait-and-switch that Fane Roberts pulled over on Austin Wolf yesterday in Hot House's "One Night At The Ready," where Fane Swindled Austin out of some money. But the bait and switch of playing around with your best friend's boyfriend while your boyfriend's away!

Adam Ramzi had had his eye on Matthew Bosch's cock, and when their boyfriends are away, he pounces at the opportunity to get his hands on it too.

And he gets it inside him too - looks like it feels amazing...

Can they keep it a secret?

From Titan Men:

Do you like to share? TitanMen exclusives Matthew Bosch, Liam Knox and Hunter Marx are among the generous studs anxious to Swap more than just smiles when open couples visit their friends for a fun getaway.

Matthew Bosch proves to be accommodating when friend Adam Ramzi reveals his open relationship—and a desire to play with his host’s big dick.

As their partners head off to work out, host Matthew Bosch shows visiting friend Adam Ramzi to his room. But the distracted Adam has his eyes fixated on Matthew’s groin: “Can I see it?” 

Matthew definitely lets Adam see it, plus some!

That big cock certainly brings out Adam's eyes.

And Matthew takes a stab at sucking Adam's cock too...

...But what he really wants is that ass.

Matthew pumps that ass so hard, that Adam cums as he's riding it.

And then, Matthew pulls out and cums all over Adam's beard.

Then the boys get their beards dirty with a little beard oil!

Call me a little crazy, but I bet that Matthew and Adam's boyfriends are doing the EXACT same thing at the gym, and we'll get a little preview in scene two...

Are you in an open relationship? Have you ever swapped boyfriends like Adam and Matthew?


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