Tom Holland Delish Shirtless Spider-Man In New Pic

August 9, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Tom Holland rose to superstardom as the first Spider-Man to actually look like he could be in high school and not a PTA meeting frequenter. On the contrary, the twenty-one-year-old gives off barely legal vibes that you KNOW people are just living for! The uber fuckable actor loves stripping down on Instagram, and in his latest post, he gets wet and wild with Harris Osterfield in the hot tub.

In addition to the tightest, most twunktastic bod around, Tom has an adorable face (even if some people think he's hiding a frog in there,) amazing tan, and (like it really matters) a cool dude personality. I'm particularly loving how the beads of water collect on his chesticles in this picture. I just wanna connect them into constellations with my jizz dribbles! Then we can wish upon the stars together. Is... that something that interests you, Tom? Check out some of Tom Holland's other shirtless amazingness in the gallery.

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