Austin Wolf Finds Fane Roberts Face Down Ass Up!

August 9, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Once Fane sets his sights on Austin Wolf at The Ready Bar, he doesn't let the guy leave without a good fuck session

[WATCH: "One Night At The Ready: Scene Two" - Hot House Studios]

See Austin fuck Fane in scene two of Hot House's "One Night At The Ready"

Every city (at least used to) has one: that one dingy bar that has seen better days, but everyone still loves for its nostalgia. In some cities, it's even attached to a hotel, making it easier to hook up and fuck. Some even have boys dancing naked on countertops and boxes!

Whatever city Fane Roberts and Austin Wolfe live in has one too - The Ready Bar!

Some patrons go there to hook up, and when he seduced businessman Austin Wolf, that was the only thing on Fane Roberts' mind...

...or was it? Little did Austin know Fane has a secret: He's a hustler, and seducing guys at the ready is just another night for him. But what's a good night of sex, right?

From Hot House:

Fane Roberts sets his sights on Austin Wolf at The Ready Bar. He approaches his target without a moment's hesitation and whispers in Austin's ear to meet him in a hotel room. Austin heads upstairs and finds Fane ass up in bed and ready for Austin to have his way. 

Can we talk for a second? About how good Austin Wolf looks in a pair of glasses?

Muscular AND smart looking? You'd be face down, ass up too.

Not ONLY was Fane face down ass up, he was ALSO mouth open.

Even though that doesn't flow as well, he gobbled up Austin's cock and looked hot doing it.

Austin offered up his mouth too, with a little 69 action on Fane's hole.

And then he took Austin's cock deep inside him until they both came.

It's looking like this may not be the LAST night at The Ready for either of these guys...

Where do you get your kicks? At a bar like The Ready, or more savory places?


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