Pietro Boselli Is Back And He's Brought Us A Nice Package

August 9, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

Our favorite 'World's Sexiest Math Teacher' has resurfaced after his scorching hot Bench Body photo shoot earlier this year. We've had just enough time to cool off, but now the temp is rising once again thanks to Pietro Boselli

Pietro has gotten back on social media to show off his hot bod once again, but this time he's showing a bit more than he bargained for. Obviously as we here at Fleshbot are experts in everything penile - aficionados if you will - it didn't take us very long to examine Pietro's package and see the outline of his (presumably fuckin' gorgeous) dick.

See for yourself:

Poolside gym what more

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A nice poolside pic for us all to enjoy.

Pietro is no stranger to posing in speedos. He's even chased a few cocks of his own while wearing one. He's also been generous enough to show us his own tiny collection via Instagram. 

Just make it quick

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Heat just heat. And height.

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About last week ...

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We really don't want summer to be over just yet, but we're all for going to some math tutoring with Mr. Boselli! 

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