Ben Barnes Photoshoot Will Take You To Messworld

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I just finished watching Westworld last week, and now I am seriously obsessed with Logan, AKA Ben Barnes, and his dreamy dark locks, eyefuckingbrows, and model-gorgeous face - all of which are on display in this sexay new shoot for Da Man Magazine!

When I found out in one of the first episodes of Westworld that Logan was bi sexyual, I just knew that if he didn't pound out William while Hector shoved all four of their balls in his mouth at the same time I was going to kill myself. Like, thanks for the ten hours of Thandie Newton vag, but can a gay get some Wild West strange?


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ANYWAY, the thirty-five-year-old Barnes has had high-profile roles in a grab bag of projects. He was Prince Caspian in 2008's The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and also played the titillating character in Dorian Gray. I mean, titular! Westworld has Barnes safely back in the blot-light where he belongs, and now he's set to play Billy Russo in the television adaptation of The Punisher. He opens up to Da Man about stuff and things:

On Westworld's success:

I think the showrunners’ vision is everything. The source material from Michael Crichton is a great launching point but the way Jonah and Lisa [series’ creator Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Hay] have crafted every aspect of the show from design to cast to music to the compelling twists and turns is astounding. They’re really special talents and I can’t say enough good things about both of them.

On his life sounding like a Tinder profile:

I love stories, film and TV shows. Luckily, I can pretend its research every time I’m on my sofa. I’m very passionate about theater and comedy and live music. I love tennis, playing and watching it. I’m very lucky with friends, friends who like to cook and play games or go on adventures so I play catch up with all that stuff when I’m not working!

On fame:

I have found any newfound public attention from “Westworld” to be very positive. I think Logan is a character certain guys respond to and they are happy to shout at me on the streets of New York about what a dick I am—which I’m taking as a compliment, whether they meant it that way or not!

Um, if guys on the streets of New York are screaming the word "dick" at Barnes, they're probably looking to get plugged up. You can check out his Da Man spread in the gallery, as well as some shirtless pics from Westworld. Finally, I leave you with Ben Barnes' gay kiss in Dorian Gray!



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