Dustin Holloway Has Some GloryHole Action on Route 69

August 8, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Derek Maxum pisses in the stall next to Dustin, and commands Dustin to suck his cock. Of course, Dustin does as he's told!

[WATCH: Route 69 Scene Two - Falcon Studios]

The two may be strangers, but they get real acquainted with each other's bodies in scene two of "Route 69"

Perhaps Falcon's blowjob-only scene in "Code of Silence" was received well? Scene two of their newest flick "Route 69" is another blow-job only scene, though it's mutual, has some rimming, and is in a gloryhole. But there's still no anal, which gay porn studios are wont to produce these days.

Whether you call it innovative for switching it up, or you call it boring, At least FALCON is doing some interracial work, and bring back Derek Maxum to us, yass.

And like, if Derek Maxum told YOU to suck his cock, you would, right?

Dustin Holloway certainly did. And Derek's cock looks great in his mouth.

From Falcon Studios:

After several hours of driving Route 66, Fane Roberts and Dustin Holloway pull over at a rest stop so Dustin can take a piss. As Dustin stands at the rest stop urinal, he notices Derek Maxum head into the stall next to him and as Dustin is washing his hands, he sees Derek's big meaty dick slide through a hole in the wall. Dustin isn't sure if he should run or get on his knees but when he hears Derek's deep voice command him to 'suck it', Dustin does as he's told and takes the giant rod in his mouth.

And once neither one can take the cumbersomeness of the gloryhole, they move so Dustin can get ALL of Derek's cock in his mouth.

Derek certainly pays Dustin back with a little mouth action of his own - first some rimming...

And then some cocksucking.

And once both boys cum, they part ways, as if it all never happened. Turns out both boys are having the summer of their lives, which I bet is more than they both bargained for!

I also find it interesting that we're about to see scene three, and the protagonists in this story STILL haven't had sex with each other. This being gay porn, that usually happens about 45 seconds in, but maybe Falcon is keeping us waiting until scene three?

What do you think of Falcon's "Route 69" so far? And what do you think of Derek Maxum?


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