Logan Paul Non-Dick Video / Relive Jake Paul's Actual Perfect Cock

August 4, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Social media sensation or whateverthefuck, Logan Paul, has always been overshadowed on the Gay Internet by his twin whateverthefuck brother Jake Paul, who already had his damn near perfect cock leak all over the internet. Some people are saying that Logan Paul is throwing his dick into the ring after seeing this new jack off gif, but other people with eyes are realizing that it's probably definitely not his. Jake has been in the actual news recently, and since the most inner shameful part of my taint is into these guys, I thought it was time for a check in!

I don't subscribe to J-14 Magazine so I'm not completely caught up with these two whatevers, but I do know that they rose to fame through the deceased Vine and now have tens of millions of social followers across all platforms eager to see them... model? Sing? Do magic? Blow each other? I mean who knows.

Jake has been in the headlines recently thanks to a racist interaction with a fan. When asked by Jake where he's from, the fan said "I am from Kazakhstan originally." to which Jake responded "It sounds like you’re just going to blow someone up. Send the nuke!" Jake decided to post that interaction to his vlog. Thank God you boys have those penises to fall back on! The Gay Internet is saying that this gif...

...is Logan Paul, but upon closer inspection, nothing about this guy reads as Logan. For starters, his dick head isn't centered, and if the Paul family is known for anything, it's a straight ass dick. Check out Jake's hard peen below, and makes sure to leave comments criticizing me for obviously starting this article before I knew Logan Paul's leaked dick gif was a fake. I deserve it :(

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