Gorgeous Australian Survivor Contestant Accidental Nudity

August 1, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


As the Australian national anthem goes, "No rules, just right!" The rogue boys of the outback on Australian Survivor got wet and wild on Monday's episode, with the impossibly gorgeous Locky showing off his perfect ass on a slip and slide! This should definitely be one of the foreplay games on Sean Cody. Get to the bottom of the slide and it's all just, nom nom nom on dose buns for whoever loses! 

Locky and Mark, who belong to the Samatu and Asaga tribes respectively (who cares), were challenged with racing each other to the bottom of the slide to grab a ball. When Mark saw that Locky was gaining the lead, he clawed at Locky's swim trunks like there's no damn tomorrow, eventually yanking them all the way off to expose one breathtaking ass! The two men then wrestle for a second before Locky locked down the win. 


So, um, this is porn. Both men are model-purdy, with Mark kind of giving David Boreanaz Abercrombie audition realness and Locky just like, being high key fuckable. The 27-year-old took to a morning talk show to spill details on the nudity, stating:

I'm non-circumcised. so I took a bit of that sand back to the tribe.

Why is that so hot? He continues:

Most people don't know me, back in Perth I'm normally always nude. It was the winning point, a bit of nudity wasn't going to stop me.

And thank God for that! I haven't been able to find footage of Locky's Cockadile Dundee, so please let us know in the comments if you come across it. Do you want to cum in his land down under? Do you want more tired Australian references? Spillz!


H/T: Buzzfeed

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