Brandon Cody and Roman Todd Explore The Allure Of Fire Island

August 1, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

After exploring the beach in some sexy speedos, Roman Todd and Brandon Cody explore each other's bodies

[WATCH: Fire Island Fuckfest - Drill My Hole]

The action goes down in Part 1 of "Fire Island Fuckfest" at

Everyone who is gay pretty much knows about Fire Island. It's one of the gay mecca vacation spots that everyone must visit before they die...

...or so I hear. I'm just a lowly boy from Oklahoma. And there are no beaches or islands, or sex - just the south's largest gay "resort".

So while I've never been to Fire Island, and even if you've never been, we can live vicariously through these two, as they experience things we don't know.

What we DO know is that Brandon and Roman look GREAT in speedos.

And if you didn't realize, they've both got 2 first names. That's 4 first names between them. ROMAN. BRANDON. TODD. CODY. If you don't know, now you know.

Sadly, these two didn't fuck ON the beach, like Kayden Gray and Ryan Rose did in "Kiss and Tel Aviv".

Maybe they left that in part 2?

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But LUCKILY, Brandon Cody didn't give Roman Todd a beer enema, like in Lucas Entertainment's "Fire Island Cruising 1".

Maybe they left this in part two, too.

[WATCH: Fire Island Cruising 1 - Lucas Entertainment]

But Brandon Cody DOES looks great getting his cock sucked.

Look at that pecker. And look at those pecs. You want to lick it, don't you. 

And Brandon's legs around Roman Todd's neck and the cock in his mouth REALLY bring out his eyes!

So blue.


Brandon Cody and Roman Todd take advantage of Fire Island's IRL hookups.

Then they finally get to taking advantage of ALL Fire Island has to offer.

Fire in the hole, guys.

Once they get down to it, Brandon fucks Roman so hard he shoots a big load everywhere!

No fake cum here!

Have you ever been to Fire Island? Does it live up to the hype?


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