Check Out Charles-Laurent Marchand's Meaty Butt While He BBQs

August 1, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

Model and all-around sexy piece of man meat Charles-Laurent Marchand just showed off his cooking skills on Instagram. Since his debut at NYFW last year, we've been quite obsessed with the French hunk, and his latest post just adds to our long list of reasons why. 

While having a relaxing afternoon, Charles shared a quick pic on his Instagram story that had us taking a second third... hell we looked at this steamy shot A LOT. While working the grill, he was also working those glutes. 

Take a peek for yourself:

I wonder if he was grilling hot dogs. That would help explain those delicious looking buns. 

We've seen him wearing next-to-nothing on the runway, getting cheeky while celebrating the outcome of the French presidential election, and even spending an weekend sans clothing. After all that, it's not super surprising to see that even meal time doesn't necessarily call for covering up in Charles' world. 

We just hope he doesn't get his own sausage too close to those coals. No one likes a burnt link. 

If you're like us and need your fix more often, check out Charles' Instagram for yourself.

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