Jason Vario Gives Jack Hunter A HOT Round 2 Fuck

July 31, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

RIGHT After Jack Hunter got it on with Adam Ramzi in Scene 3 of Titan Men's Boom, Jason Vario gives him a hot round 2.

[WATCH: "Boom!" Scene Four - Titan Men]

These are the least-sloppy sloppy seconds ever.

Have you ever been fucked so good (or so bad) that you needed a second round? That first one was either too good, not good, or...both. 

Well that happened to Jack Hunter.

[WATCH: Boom Scene Three - Titan Men]

He JUST got done fucking around with Adam Ramzi on the job, when Jason Vario called him over and wanted to get inside his guts.

I guesssss this is better than that time Tyler Reed gave Chip Young a round, but realized he'd already been fucked that day?

Totally hot, or totally gross depending on how you look at it.

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And what Jason Vario wants, Jason Vario gets.

And he wanted to get in them guts, so he got in them guts.

From Titan Men:

Catching Jack fresh from his fuck, Jason Vario asks: "Want some more?" He frees his huge meat, a spit strand connecting it to Jack's hungry mouth. "Choke on that," moans Jason as Jack gulps it up, spit dripping from his chin. "Let's see what you got," says Jason, marveling as Jack drops his jockstrap...

When you've got huge arms, and a dick as big as an arm, you get what you want, as Jason Vario proves.

And when you've got as cute of an ass (and as big of a cock) as Jack Hunter, it's easy to see why Jason wanted a piece of Jack.

And, well...he got him some.

First bareback-ish, and then they slapped a condom on and really went to town.

And once it was all said and done, Jack was covered in cum. Again.

Jason came all over his face, and Jack came all over HIMSELF.

Have you ever fucked more than one guy in a day?


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