Watch Hunter Styles Take ALL of Jeffrey Lloyd's Ginormous Cock

July 28, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Seriously - Hunter Styles Takes Jeffrey's nearly-foot-long cock ALL THE WAY to the back of his throat

[WATCH: Jeffrey Lloyd and Hunter Styles - Badpuppy]

Hunter ALSO takes Jeffrey's thick meat all the way up his ass in Badpuppy's latest scene

If you don't know Hunter Styles, you'll know him soon (unless he retires after two scenes, and that would be a shame). He recently showed off his body in a Badpuppy solo feature:

[WATCH: Hunter Stiles - Badpuppy]

Now, he's showing off what that mouf do, as he deep throats Jeffrey Stiles' foot-long cock.

Seriously - that thing is as big as Rocco Steele's!

From Badpuppy:

Hunky Jeffrey Lloyd hooks up with young cub Hunter Styles in our latest action video. Hunter is the first one out of his clothes with Jeffrey dropping to his knees where he takes his time servicing Hunters engorged cock. Hunter returns the favor when Jeffrey lies back on the sofa and pulls off his pants. His cock is already rock hard and Hunters wastes no time swallowing and enjoying every inch of Jeffrey's meat.

Hunter DEFINITELY looks like he's enjoying that cock...

And Jeffrey looks like he's enjoying some deep throat action!

At this point, I think we're all rooting for Hunter.

And THEN Hunter took it all the way up his ass!

But not just doggy style! Once he was loose, Jeffrey fucked Hunter in all the positions - cowgirl to get used to it, doggy, and missionary so he could FEEL it - until they both came BUCKETS of cum.

If this boy retires after this scene, I will find Jeffrey Lloyd, and get Heffrey to shove his cock up Hunter's ass, so he can remember the good times. Hunter is who we need, and Jeffrey's cock is what we need.

What's the biggest cock you've ever taken up your ass? Was it bigger than Jeffrey Lloyd's?


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