Calvin Banks Makes Ashton Summers' Dreams Come True

July 27, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Ashton Summers had been wanting to film with Calvin Banks for a long time, so Cockyboys finally made it happen!

[WATCH: Ashton Summers and Calvin Banks - Cockyboys]

Not only did Calvin fuck Ashton, Ashton got to give Calvin a nice pounding too!

This may be one of the best scenes of 2017. Seriously? Who can pull off fucking in this position? If anyone could, it's Calvin Banks. It's like a doggy style / cowgirl combo - standing cowgirl? Reverse doggystyle?

It's just indicative of the passion and fun these two had while filming together, and how much they had WANTED to fuck each other for forever. When they finally got the chance, neither one took it for granted!

From Cockyboys:

Fate and CockyBoys bring together Calvin Banks & Ashton Summers, back in action after a year and looking hotter than ever. They had wanted to work together for a long time before this so they're very happy and excited. BUT, they take it slow once their scene begins. Kissing and embracing with tender passion, clothes come off and Ashton takes out Calvin's hardening cock, lingering on its powerful beauty before taking it in his mouth. After getting sucked with increasing hunger, Calvin slows things slightly to sit Ashton on the coffee table, undress him and enjoy his ready cock.

And enjoy that cock, Ashton did!

Calvin wanted Ashton on all fours, and of course, Ashton couldn't resist a good ass-licking.

First Calvin fucked Ashton in literally all the positions, including this doggy-style-but-on-the-feet one...

This is still perplexing. What's going on?

Then it was Ashton's turn to fuck Calvin - what an interesting angle.

Sometimes it's good to experiment. Sometimes you just have long legs and need to put them somewhere.

And after they finished, they STILL wouldn't keep their hands off each other, kissing as Ashton is covered in cum. 

These boys are in some of the best shape of their lives, and enjoy some of the best sex of their lives, and it shows.

Do you love flip-flop fucking, or do you stick to your lane?


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