Father Dominic Pacifico Makes Father Casey Everett Call Out God In More Ways Than One

July 21, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Dominic Pacifico Helps Casey Everett Purge His Remorseful Sexual Thoughts...With Sex

[WATCH: Repent - DominicPacifico.com]

Dominic Pacifico whips and fucks Casey's sinful thoughts away, then pisses on them in the end

Because what better way to confess and repent, than to get on your knees? Or in this case, throw your legs in the air and praise GOD. Or get fucked so hard you cry out to him, maybe involuntarily? YES GAWD.

From DominicPacifico.com:

Father Casey knows that the path to righteousness is contrition of his lustful thoughts. With the help of Father Dominic, Casey's carnal sins are purged through flagellation and fornication. With a switch Dominic whips Casey till he whines, and then continues with the palm of his hand. To cleanse him, Dominic pisses all over Casey before he barebacks Casey’s raw hole and gives him his Holy load.

Maybe Casey's thoughts will leave if he pushes Dominic's cock all the way to the back of his throat?

What if Dominic Pisses on him? Will the thoughts be gone?

Either way, Dominic gets Casey's ass ready for a rough fucking with some rimming action

And Dominic fucked the BEJESUS out of Casey.

Even if the demons didn't leave him, a load of cum sure did...

Personally, this is porn done right. When I saw the name "Repent" and saw it would be hardcore, I thought it would just be a repeat of Dominic's latest scene, also with Casey Everett, and with Pierce Paris:

[WATCH: Bareback Bondage Breeders - DominicPacifico.com]

...But it seems to be anything but. The set probably didn't cost much, but it definitely adds to the scene, and isn't cringe-inducing like Bromo's "put a tarp over the mattress, keep the electrical cord visible and let them fuck" disaster:

[WATCH: The Fuck Room - Bromo]

As long as Not every scene is with Casey Everett, and Dominic can keep his forward momentum, it'll be interesting to see where his re-launch goes.

What do you think of Dominic Pacifico's return to gay porn? 


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