Garrett Alba Has Some Of The Lowest-Hanging Balls You've Ever Seen

July 20, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Watch as Garrett Alba's balls slap against Tom Hawai's ass as they fuck in Badpuppy's latest scene

[WATCH: Tom Hawai and Garrett Alba - Badpuppy]

As the Euro twinks fuck on a bed of and covered up in beautiful white sheets, they look as ethereal as ever

Do Garrett Alba's balls hang low?

Do they wobble to and fro?

Can he tie them in a knot? Can he tie them in a bow?

Can he throw them over his shoulder?

These are all questions I need answers to, because those are some of the lowest hangers I've ever seen, and I'm CONFUSED. 

From Badpuppy:

Tom Hawai makes a return visit to Badpuppy with big-dicked hottie Garett Alba. The scene opens with our two young studs butt-ass naked, wrapped in white sheets and tongue fucking each other's faces. Both Tom and Garett are rock-hard from the get go and as Tom drops to his knees he swallows every single inch of Garett's long dick.

OK but first, can we take a second to talk about Garrett Alba's balls? Talk about some low hangers!

And those low hangers definitely smack against Tom Hawai's ass, but you'll have to watch the video to see.

Not only does Garrett have great balls, he's got a great mouth too.

He uses that mouth to give Tom a blowjob before fucking him.

Not only is Garrett great at using his mouth, he's great at using his tongue too!

He lets Tom sit on his face as he uses his tongue to relax Tom's hole. Garrett really knows what he's doing!

Once Tom's good and ready, he slides deep into Tom's hole.

And those balls slap against Tom's ass in the BEST way.

They switch positions, and Garrett fucks Tom in cowgurl until both boys cum, but you'll have to watch the video for that...

What do you think of Garrett Alba's low-hanging balls?


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