"I'm the demogorgon or something - Let's fuck!"

July 19, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Yes. Jockpussy's Latest Scene Is a "Stranger Things" Parody.

[WATCH: "Stranger Things: A XXX Parody" - Jock Pussy]

Zack Grayson plays a demogrogon...or something...and then fucks Luke Hudson

I don't know where to start with this. Do you know where to start with this? If so, please help me. In front of a backdrop that probably took longer to make than this scene took to film, Zack Grayson and Luke Hudson have made a "Stranger Things" parody.

I don't watch TV like that (porn is my TV - and this is like a bad episode of one of my favorite shows), so you'll have to make your own inferences about what's happening.

But I suppose it's better than their "The Office" parody...

But it was really just Luke Hudson, Jack Archer, and Zacy Grayson fucking in an extended stay hotel with a desk in Scranton, PA.

[WATCH: "The Office: An XXX Parody" - Jock Pussy]


From Jock Pussy:

Luke Hudson finds some strange lights and letters on the wall - what can it mean? Through the wall comes the monster - or at least the monster cock of Zack Grayson. "I'm the demogorgon or something - Let's fuck!" he yells.

This monster cock is huge and hard as rock as Luke lies back and deepthroats it's inches. It's then Zack's turn to use his lips and tongue to flick and lick and titillate Luke. The two moan as the heat rises.

Zack's massive bare cock enters Luke and he is in pure ecstasy. Utilizing every inch of the couch to fuck in position after position - this otherworldly encounter is the hottest thing you'll see all year.

Zack blows his load all over Luke's abs and leaves to do 'demogorgon stuff'. Luke is left wondering what just happened ...

Once the Gimmicks stop, the fun begins!

And it begins with Zack eating Luke's pussy out.

Then Zack fucks Luke raw until they both cum everywhere.

Honestly, the gimmicks are a little lame from a site like this. Jockpussy's problem isn't that their scenes aren't interesting, and that they need parody to spice it up. They should focus on the real problem - we all want more of this content, but they produce two updates a month. Fuck more and make it hot, and we'll all be happy, parody aside.

What do you think of this "Stranger Things" parody?


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