People Freaking Out Over Antonio Banderas' Fuckable "Dad Bod" And Bulge

July 13, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Oh Zorro, mark up my face! The fifty-six-year-old Antonio Banderas is currently heating things up in Ischia, Italy with some dumb bitch, and while some are referring to Banderas as having a sexy dad bod, I just feel like he has... a bod. Right? This is a BOD ya'll! When I'm fifty-six I expect my insurance to cover a forklift.

In the pics, Banderas sports some tight shorts that accentuate his big fat dick - which we've seen like a billion times thanks to his nude performances. His face and hair are practically unchanged over time, while his fuzzy nips and muscular arms have only gotten better.

The skank machine hanging out with Banderas is thirty-seven-year-old Nicole Kempel, who better Kempel her hands away from my man! While the ho bag is almost two decades younger than Banderas, you have to give him credit for not dating some eighteen-year-old model. This is a self-assured man right here!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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