Fuuuuckkkk. Sean O'Donnell Shirtless Instagram Bonanza

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Sean O'Donnell is a... famous... celebrity... who is taking cues from fellow social star Cameron Dallas by looking pretty while doing nothing. The key to Instagram stardom. And I'm halfway there! Contrary to what you're thinking, O'Donnell is not a young time-traveling JC Chasez here to tell the current JC Chaser to start a solo career. He is, however, a smoking hot twenty-one-year-old actor who happens to love showing off his toned to death bod on Instagram! 

As you can clearly see in the gallery, O'Donnell's specialty is giving grade-A gay face somewhere between Jack McFarland's "just Jack" expression and the shit-eating grin on Tom Cruise's face after exiting a public bathroom. Literally if things weren't spick and span. However, after further sketchifying my Google search history with every combination of "Sean O'Donnell" and "gay" imaginable, it looks like he's straight for the time being. And, let's keep it real, "dick pics."

Sean sports dazzling blue eyes, a thick ass head of hair that could get him cast in Planet of the Apes, pretty much DSL, and a sexy, tan body that he loves showing off. I mean, why, the fuck, wouldn't he. Head to the gallery to get to know Sean O'Donnell a little better. Is he Cameron Dallas 2.0, or 2.No? Spillz!

Pee.S.: Holy fuck, grl has the hairiest legs!

Pee.Pee.S.: Omg this video. Do we have another dumb dumb dummy on our hands? We can only pray!


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