Shirtless K.J. Apa Freakishly Low Riding Pants In Shower

July 11, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Ho. Ly. Shit. Guys. I was scrolling through my Insta feed this morning looking for some hot man taint to share, and after feeling personally rejected by zero shirtless action from Noah Galvin, Nolan Gould, Cole Sprouse, Dylan SprouseNick Jonas, and even fucking Joe Jonas, I thought: Will anyone ever love me? For who could ever learn to love... a beast. 

Well, in walks K.J. Apa, who burst through my wanting castle doors with this insanely sexy shirtless picture on the set of Riverdale! When the first season of the CW teen cream drama ended this May, I all but forgot about the only half-Samoan nineteen-year-old twenty-year-old (when the fuck did that happen? They grow up so fast!) who can wet out Apa-tite quite like this guy. 

In the pic, Archie himself shows off his ridiculously sexy body in the shower next to lucky ass director Rob Seidenglanz. He works for the CW, so I can only imagine what that hand in his pocket is doing. You might notice that Apa's pants are sitting about three feet below his belly button, and something tells me that if he wasn't brutally attacked with a razor, we'd be seeing some major pubage! Or, if he was proportioned like a human person, his dick and half his thighs. Here's to an Archie and Jughead gay scene come season two!


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