Gus Kenworthy Naked For ESPN Body Ody Ody Issue

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The ESPN Body Issue debuted in 2009 and makes about as much sense as Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition, EXCEPT for the fact that in addition to featuring naked women, the Body Issue delivers naked muscly goodness from our favorite male athletes as well!

At the end of the day, straight guys watch sweaty hot men running around and throwing balls at each other because they want to fuck their favorite sports stars. Fact: All men are gay. You spend $100 for a jersey with another man's name embroidered on it?! Fact: Gay. 


Gus Kenworthy isn't a baseball player or footballer but he can give you what you want. The openly gay Olympic skiing sensation has shown off his tight ass a ton on Instagram, but now his 100% squeezable cheeks are making their way into the mainstream thanks to a starring role in the ESPN Body Issue.

You won't be able to not purchase the magazine until July 7th, but a teaser video from ESPN delivers a snippet of Kenworthy's nude performance (above.) Kenworthy states:

Omg what did I sign up for? I have to get naked right now?

Uh, yeah bitch. Kenworthy is still going strong with his sexy man toy Matt Wilkas. While you pray for that to fall apart so you can slide into Kenworthy's DM - so you can then slide into his... ~dm~ (dank marsh?) - check out the Body Issue clip above, and head HERE for all of the Kenworthy goodness you can handle.

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Sorry @mwilkas, but @Gillette is actually the best a man can get... . . . . . #ad

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