Latin Hottie Rick Lous Has Some "Solo" Fun In The Club

June 16, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by garridan-p-faxton

And By Solo, Cazzo Club Means That Rick Lous Finds The Nearest Willing Hottie To Fuck For Some Gloryhole Fun


[WATCH: Rick Lous "Solo" - Cazzo Club]

But Soon After He's Done, The Bottom Leaves Rick To Play With Himself

Poor Rick. But we've all been there before. You've been with someone that, after a few quick pumps or strokes, they've cum, and you're left to finish alone. What makes it worse for Rick was that he was in one of Berlin's hottest sex clubs, and so the bottom didn't even have any interest - Rick went out to have a good time, and got shafted. Not apologizing for that pun.

So in a sense, we are ALL Rick, or have been there before.

From Cazzo Club:

In Berlin, Rick Lous wants to capture as many cocks as possible. Already in the first club he finds what he is looking for. A German pig shoves his fat cock through the glory hole. Rick grabs the meat and shoves it in his mouth. He sucks on the stranger until he finally puts his cock in his ass and gives him a short but fierce ass fuck from behind. After a few jolts he leaves - so Rick has to get himself off and jerks his perfectly cut cock until he blows the white cream on his brown belly.

Once Rick Lous finds the right stranger, into his mouth the stranger goes!

This is the face of a man left to jack off himself in the club, and what a face it is. How sad.

It's like I say - "We all finish ourselves off in the end anyway". Hopefully Rick got what exactly what he was hoping for before he had to finish himself off. PSA to everyone: At least be there for them if they'd like to finish!

Have you ever had some "Fun" in the club like Rick Lous?


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