Ew, Here's How You Access The Facebook Rainbow Flag Emoji

June 12, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency

The new Facebook Rainbow Flag reaction emoji, introduced in celebration of Pride Month, isn't found buried deep in the rectums of select twinks scattered in cities across the world. That would be great. Instead, to have the Pride emoji pop up alongside the thumbs up, heart, laughing face, O face, crying face, and constipated sunset emojis when searching for a meaningful way to interact with a friend or loved one, you must first head to the Facebook LGBTQ page and "Like" it. This extra step has people thinking some thoughts. 

When I initially saw friends using the Rainbow Flag emoji in reaction to pictures and posts - usually having to do with Pride events - I thought, get back to me when it's a dick. But, of course, once I realized I didn't have it in my arsenal of friendship strengtheners - how I refer to reaction emojis - I needed the multicolored goodness for my very own.

At first, the extra step of liking the Facebook LGBTQ page to obtain the new emoji didn't seem like too much of an imposition, especially considering the sizable payoff. But, if you'll remember, the social media site introduced the flower-shaped "Thankful" emoji for Mother's Day without our knowing, so why the extra step to get the gay flag for Pride Month?

Hate and fear is why. JK IDK. But I do know that critics are accusing Facebook of protecting bigoted users from the sinful Rainbow Flag emoji by only adding it to consenting accounts. Their close-minded world stays in tact while I had to add the Thankful reaction to my mom's reposted compilation video of dogs smiling. Not fair! To take it a step further, the implication here is that we "choose" or "opt in" for this slice of reality, which only bolsters the idea that people choose to be gay. The norm is Rainbow-less. With almost 2 billion active Facebook users - over a fourth of the world's population - this feels like it could matter.

Are you guys offended, or just grateful to be invited the party? You KNOW I rarely take time away from searching Tumblr for Noah Galvin dick pics to write posts of substance, or interest, so chime in!


UNAPOLOGETICALLY PROUD #CapitalPride (thanks @duchessdevyn for the shot)

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