Jordan Levine Continues Dominating Boys In His Garage At

June 12, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

First Lucky Daniels and Brett Lake Got Dom'd by Jordan Levine. This time, Griffin Barrows gets his fair share of cock.

[WATCH: Warehouse Chronicles: Boot Slave - Bromo]

Has Griffin Barrows finally found a top that can handle him?

Some boys like getting it softly and gently, while some love getting it rough. Good thing for all these boys that Jordan Levine loves GIVING it rough. And once they all got word that Jordan Levine dominates them in the way they need, they've all been lining up to his door. It's like this:

Because seriously. First Lucky Daniels, then Brett Lake, and NOW Griffin Barrows have all stopped by Jordan's sweaty warehouse for some sweaty fun.

As Griffin sucks that cock, little does he know what's in store for his hole...


Griffin Barrows has found a top that can truly bring him to his knees. Gagged and spanked to oblivion, Griffin lets Jordan Levine act out all his rough & raw fantasies on his body. All we know is Griffin won’t be sitting down any time soon.

First Jordan warms Griffin up with a little paddle action... 

And once Griffin's bottom is nice and red, he gags the poor fella.

When Griffin can't take it anymore, Jordan gives his raw hole a nice pounding.

Even though the gags and the paddle are gone, Jordan isn't done dominating Griffin!

A hand can work just as well as a paddle can to let someone know who is boss.

Maybe Griffin Barrows finally HAS found a top that can bring him to his knees. Have you found yours?

How rough do you like your sex? Do you like it really rough, or do you prefer making love?


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