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Considering his status as an international pop sensation and unrivaled sex symbol, Nick Jonas sure has a fondness for appearing in every obscure one word magazine on the planet. Too street for Vogue. We should come up with one just so he'll pose for us. Splooge: For the Dickcerning Male. 

NE Wayz, aside from his recent gay kiss on Kingdom, we've been having to go back in the archives recently to get our Jonasty fix. Thankfully Hero Magazine is here to give us some sexy-ual shots of the man of our creams, as well as an emotionally-wrought interview relating to his new track, "Remember I told You!" Boy is deep. Just where I want him.

On formerly being a slave to his emotions:

For a while I used songwriting as a way to process my emotions, and in my head that always needed to be heavy, or the songs needed to have a darkness to them. Whereas now I am open to singing about positive things, to be able to sing with a smile on my face is a really nice feeling.

Come here my dummy. Here's more dummy dumb dumb dummy stuff that's pretty much making me pre cum:

On something dumb:

With [Remember I Told You], I love this message – I feel like it’s a position so many people have been in, where they feel like they’re not being heard, I love that first line, I actually tweeted it last night, “I don’t suppose you have a moment to spare me, do you?” I feel like it’s a really humble way of asking for someone’s attention and begging to be heard after you’ve given so much to them.


#RememberIToldYou ft @annemarieiam and @mikeposner is here. Link in bio.

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On the unpredictability of creative inspiration:

I don’t want to be pigeonholed. Being able to put this song out [now], if that’s the statement I want to make at this moment, but then also feeling free to continue to be inspired by something completely different… I feel like before there was a real need for everything to be completely cohesive and be a singular thought. So I view it as an opportunity, it’s been one of the most freeing things for me creatively.

And on being a multitalented threat to all non-Jonastys:

On the acting side of things I’ve had to work really hard the last couple of years to prove that it is a skill set that I have and also that I’m committed to the work. I think there can be that fear that, because I’m doing music and other projects, my focus will be elsewhere. But once I dive in on an acting project, I really make that the focus.

Nick, there's nothing you can't do. Including me! Jonas delivers eyebrows, face face face, scruff, a passion for fashion, and his truly breathtaking bicep in the photoshoot, and you can check it out in the gallery above. 

Head to Hero for the full interview.

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