Be Honest: Which Celebrity Caused Your Gay Awakening?

May 15, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency

But we're glad you are! Unless you're extra special and grew up in New York City or above Jizz Snout Nightclub in San Francisco (I'm assuming that's a real place,) there's a chance your young homo self had limited real-life encounters with gay role models. Or any gays at all. Many future hairy butthole lovers of the world are aided in understanding their fabulous selves with the help of gay characters on television or just fucktastic celebrities, and I really want to hear who caused YOUR gay awakening!

Mine was ::cloudy dream sequence:: Jack McPhee on Dawson's Creek. the lips - perfect. The eyebrows - lit. The turtlenecks - suffocating. Growing up in a holler in East Tennessee meant that the whispers I heard of these "gays" were generally negative. Of course, the people doing the whispering were fucking chickens in their backyards. But, go Vols.

I remember seeing this beautiful 30-year-old high schooler on Dawson's Creek come to terms with his sexuality with enough complexity that it finally sank in. I don't know whether I wanted to fuck Jack or just be him and fuck myself, but either way, I thought "I want him and Jason Priestley and Sam from Clarissa Explains It All and EVERYBODY!"

The Internet has vastly changed the way in which gays can access their community, so if you're like 18-years-old and personally know three flaming YouTube stars and have already been divorced twice, good for you. I remember Napster bitch!

Here are some other guys that helped prime the pump. Yours are probably way better. Tells us all of your juicy crush details below!


Kerr Smith as Jack McPhee on Dawson's Creek


Jason Priestley and Luke Perry



Joey Lawrence circa Brotherly Love


Eric McCormack as Will Truman on Will & Grace


Ben (Scott Speedman), Noel (Scott Foley), or if you were really confused, a shorn Felicity.


Ricky Martin


Milo Ventimiglia as Jess on Gilmore Girls


Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Zack Morris on Saved by the Bell

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