Pool Boy Jack Vidra Flip Flop Fucks With Liam Knox On A Service Call

May 11, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Jack Vidra’s house call is interrupted by naked napper Liam Knox, who can’t resist the ass crack peeking out of the handyman’s jeans. Once they start, there's no stopping until they've both been fucked and cum everywhere.


[WATCH: "Pool Service: Scene Three" - Titan Men]

Watch these two fuck in scene three of Titan Men's "Pool Service"

Jack Vidra and the Redman pool service (because both of their poolboys are ginger) is fucking his ENTIRE way through the men of California!

Matthew Bosch already called Jack over once to help fix he and Liam's pool, but he apparently didn't get the job done the first time, or maybe he wanted more action. Once he saw Liam sleeping naked by the pool, and once Liam saw Jack's buttcrack, neither could resist the other.

From Titan Men:

Jack Vidra returns to work, finding Matthew’s slumbering (and naked) husband Liam Knox—who catches a glimpse of Jack’s ass peeking out of his jeans. “Is there anything else I can help you with?” asks Jack. Liam drops his towel, his boner popping up in Jack’s smiling face. He engulfs it as a verbal Liam encourages him (“Swallow it!”)

...and swallow it Jack Vidra does. And he does so so eagerly!

(Sidenote: Does anyone else think that Jack Vidra, with his red hair, blue eyes, and elaborate side tattoo, favors the late Adam Faust?

Jack Vidra:

Adam Faust (may he rest in peace):

Adam Faust

You know what Liam Knox looks like, as he was sleeping in all his naked glory by his pool, so.

Once these boys sucked each other's cocks and sucked on each other's holes, they fucked each other in the beautiful sun by the pool!

First, Jack took a stab at Liam's hole. Pun fully intended.

And then Jack opened his legs, put them behind his head (!!), and got some of Liam's cock inside him.

After a long session of flip fucking, both boys left their loads on Liam's chest.

Now that Jack has fucked both boyfriends, I hope it erupts into some love triangle drama threesome - the gays love drama, and a gay can dream.

Have you ever been serviced by your pool boy?


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