Nick Jonas New Instagram: So Close To Showing Thigh/Ball Sac Crease

May 10, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


That moment you hit 12 million followers! Thanks everyone!

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The area where the balls and the thigh connect on a man should definitely have an official name (if it doesn't already) because it really is the sweet spot - soaking up all the stank and sweat, and just, in general, being super sexy. Nick Jonas celebrates hitting the 12 million Instagram followers milestone with a picture featuring one very strategically placed white robe that almost, ALMOST, reveals the ball/thigh sweet spot.

The dumb dumb dummy dumb dumb doesn't quite understand how robes work, as he apparently puts one on before taking showers. So cute. So stupid. You can also see some dead flowers and Nick's perfectly pointed dancer foot.


"Getting ready" for the Met Gala

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So, back to the spot that connects the ball sac and the thigh. Mr. Jonasty gives major upper thigh in the new Instagram post, and we can clearly see his all of his yummers lower general pubic region hair leading up to the promised land. This could just be the closest we've gotten to seeing Jonasty's penis thicket. Ugh, this picture is leaving me fucking thirsty ya'll.

Jonasty has been keeping covered recently on Instagram, but hopefully the knowledge that 12 million fans and are craving his ball and thigh connecting point will inspire Nick to get with the program. Okay, maybe just one of his fans. Whatever. Nom. I want it!

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