There's a Two Dick Minimum At This Bar. Are You Staying, Or Going Elsewhere?

May 10, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Once CJ Phillips found out the cruise bar had a dick minimum, you bet your ass he stayed.

[WATCH: Two Dick Minimum - Raging Stallion]

Watch the bartender Manuel Skye fuck CJ Phillips after closing time at Raging Stallion

Have you ever run into the problem of meeting someone really hot at the bar, and wanting to fuck, but not having a place to do it?

Well, when you're the main bartender, you can just fuck at the bar! Even easier if your barback is hitting on you all night. Kill two birds with one stone, and save the hassle of driving, or the discomfort of car sex.

From Raging Stallion:

Last call at the cruise bar has cum and gone, and with the patrons gone, the bar staff is free to do as they please. Barback CJ Phillips leans against the bar with his ass in bartender Manuel Skye's face, and he sucks eagerly on CJ's tight hole. Spreading CJ's butt wide, Manuel uses his tongue to fuck CJ's ass.

And once CJ's hole is nice and wet, Manuel stands up and dominates CJ, in his usual "You didn't know you needed to be fucked this roughly" style.

Then Manuel spreads CJ legs and fucks him missionary over the pool table.

THIS should be the way we all celebrate closing time at the bar, instead of playing "Closing Time". Talk about bottoms up!

You'd think with a name like "Two Dick Minimum" that CJ Phillips would be getting fucked by at least two dudes. Not that Manuel Skye isn't a fine performer (and he's shown off his skills with a few great performances, like when he manhandled Taylor Reign) and if we see more of him, he'll be great. Maybe the second dick is CJ's - maybe there will be a part 2. Hopefully, time will tell.

Have you ever fucked someone in a dirty, cruise-y bar before, like Manuel and CJ?



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