WARNING: Cazzo Club's Newest Scene Is Not For The Faint Of Heart...Or Stomach

May 8, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Italian Pig Alberto Esposito and German Daddy Torsten Mueller Meet in a Berlin Subway, and get into some extreme fisting, nipple play, piss, and rough fucking.


[WATCH: Alberto Esposito and Torsten Mueller - Cazzo Club]

This scene may be over the top, even for Cazzo Club!

Actually, I take that back. Whatever is going on in this Cazzo Club scene, featured in "Best of Perverts" is way too over the top.

But the latest scene, with Alberto Esposito and Torsten Mueller, is a close second. Sure, most Cazzo Club scenes are over the top, and feature some leather, and maybe even some filth (the aforementioned scene).

But not only is there filth in this scene, there's fisting, there's toys, there's piss, and there's a lot of those things.

This shot of Torsten's cock in Alberto's mouth is before things got MESSY.

From Cazzo Club:

Torsten Muller and Italian pig Alberto Esposito are on the Berlin subway. They quickly go home to the shower, where Alberto lets loose a full load of into Torsten's mouth. Torsten gets his bare cock out and removes the butt plug Alberto has been clenching...With both hands, the German tears apart the rosette lips and fists even deeper in the hole. Also Torsten is drenched fully with all manner of juices!

I have so many questions, aside from Torsten's completely shaved pubes - did they MEET on the subway, and discover they were both into all things filth, or were they SUPPOSED to meet, and one picked the other up?

Also, why is Torsten just resting his bepis on Alberto's head?

Soon, it goes in some other places.

Alberto Esposito Torsten Mueller

But not before Alberto's hole gets some of Torsten's fist action!

Look at all that lube. I wonder if this was before or after he pissed in Alberto's hole. Yeah...you need to watch the video for that one.

Then, Alberto shoots his load (of piss) AS Torsten impales his hole!

I know what you're wondering - do these two actually fuck, or do they just go piggy all day? They do fuck, even though it's brief. But even though it's brief, it's hot. You'll just have to watch the video to see it.

Have you ever had a hookup like Cazzo Club's, that resulted in heavy piss and fist play?


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