Give Shirtless Vacationing Kit Harington A Snow Job

May 8, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


We've seen Kit Harington in all forms of undress on Game of Thrones, but the Internet apparently could give a shit and a half, because these new shirtless photos of Harington on vacation in Greece are the talk of the gay town! The 30-year-old can be seen walking around his pool in some mint green trunks accentuated by his adorable lil' bod. Hmm, asstually, I just looked him up, and Harington is a petite 5' 8". That's hot.

So, riddle me tits. Mr. Jon Snow has a luxurious mane and permanent manly man man beard, but I'm just now noticing that Mother Nature deemed his body too pure for ample hair. Usually, the look in these pics would scream waxing. But astute viewers will notice nipple wisps and the haunted ghost of a happy trail. Sew. Does Harington not have much... hair...intgon? Or does his waxer go to extremes to create a natural lewk? 

Whateverthefuckingcase, I'm lusting his solid ass bod and rugged good looks. Nobody gave a fuck about Darren Criss in a Speedo last week, so hopefully, Harington can realize your bathing suit paparazzi fantasy.





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