Riverdale Delivers Uh-Nother Steamy Casey Cott Gay Kiss

May 5, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

The latest episode of Riverdale skips out on showing a shirtless K.J. Apa (though at this point we're not really wanting for Apa nips) but does deliver the most sensual gay kiss yet with Casey Cott and Rob Raco! Does Raco have a Modern Life? Apparently. Last time we got a look at these two lustbirds they were swapping face fluids in the kitchen at a teen party. Remember, they're teens. Can't you tell. The time before that involved the two cuties banging against a chainlink fence - all ready to git, that, D. 



@robraco is a rockstar #joavin It was a pleasure working with this fellow.

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In this episode, titled Anatomy of a Murder, there's sorrow to the smooching as Cott's Kevin Keller and Raco's Joaquin DeSanto say their farewells before DeSanto gets on a bus. After watching the clip I know what you're wondering, and yes, DeSanto is 40. 

Normally I need to see debilitating sadness in someone's eyes when I'm about to climax, so I'm all about this clip. Cott is hot, and as we've discussed before, seeing a straight actor kiss a dude while pervy CW execs jack of behind the camera is kindddddd of the ultimate fantasy. Plus, can we just saw that Cott really goes in there for this kiss? Just look at that still image above!

check out the gay Riverdale kiss below with Casey Cott and Rob Raco and get ready for the season finale on ::looks at the comment below that informed us there is, in fact, another episode this season and that prompted me to rewrite parts of this post, which originally claimed this was the final episode:: May 11th!

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