OMFG Nick Jonas Insane Bulge In Wrestling Tights

April 17, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

Please don't be stuffed, please don't be stuffed, please don't be stuffed! I'm whipping out my horned up "There's no place like home" for this emergency situation, because a new picture of Nick Jonas features a grapefruit bulge for the ages, and I need for it to be real in order to survive. While the b to the ulge - which comes to us courtesy of new promotions for the third and final season of MMA drama Kingdom - is most likely assisted by the luckiest fucking sock in the world, this is your time to use your imagination more than ever before. 

Nick Jonas has delivered plenty of shirtless moments on Kingdom in addition to THAT THAT THAT gay threeway and even a peek at his butt. However, his butt can't cum inside me, so personally, this bulge picture is really where it's at! In this picture, we can also take in Jonas' truly ridiculous body, perfect (although unfortunately tamed down) body hair, armmmmms, and what we can only hope is his O face. 



Thank you @dailyfrontrow for having me as your host for the Fashion LA Awards #flas2017

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Day 2 #coachella

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Last time we checked up on Jonas he was having the most emotional moment that can be achieved by a sexy dumb dumb dummy dumb dumb on Twitter. Thankfully, what could have torn apart our fake relationship has only made us stronger. Now, ogle Nick Jonas' bulge and please lie to me and say it's real!

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