Nick Jonas Has Emotional Break On Twitter, Needs Us Now More Than Ever

April 14, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

I'm here bae! We've known for forever that Nick Jonas has a deep hole, I mean, soul, and he's baring everything in a new series of emotional tweets. My better half, my partner in crime, my Mr. Jonasty is feeling the pressures of stardom, and he's looking for direction and authenticity in this crazy mixed up world. He also wants to listen to country music. Something tells me bae just saw Pure Country for the first time.

Getting a man is all about separating the weak from the herd, and girl is limping, yaknow. We're going to go with screen caps rather than embeds while discussing these tweets in case Jonasty's managers get wind that he's trying to grow beyond being our #1 dumb dumb dummy. They'll delete the tweets and replace them with the 1000th DNCE shoutout. Nobodygivesafuck. ANYWAY, after five full days off of Twitter, Nick Jonas returned on April 12th to post:

Sometimes I turn on the radio and listen to country music because I need to get back to what matters.

Shortly after, Jonas shed some light on this cryptic sentiment:

I live in a city where real people are hard to come by. I find myself discoursed by how much the opinions of others matters to me.

Then he writes something really blasé:

Then I realize that I am one of the lucky ones... and in fact I may be the luckiest man alive to get to do what I love.

But then he admits to questioning his future:

Even if at times I wonder what my next steps may be.

And then he tries to have a Joni Mitchell moment from Love Actually but instead references some dumb bitch:

Thank you @MarenMorris for being my soundtrack tonight.


Which somehow got more favs than the previous three tweets. And finally, something that lets us know Nick will always be our perfect dumb dumb dummy dumb dumb:

And also how did I get so lucky to have such amazing family and friends? Not to sound cliche but seriously.. #blessed

So dumb. What do you guys think is causing Jonasty to feel feelings? My guess is that he's defeated after the cancellation of his series Kingdom. Whatever the case, Nick, you big idiot, we love you! 

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