2 For 1 Riverdale: Shirtless K.J. Apa, Casey Cott Gay Kiss!

April 14, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

Finally. Riverdale has been delivering a whole lot of nothing over the past few weeks, but they're back with some Fleshbot Gay-approved man meat! K.J. Apa made sure that our dicks didn't get too dry in the interim with THAT epic shirtless Instagram pic, but this week's Apa scene in the episode "Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend" will get some fan fiction going in your pants.

Up until now, the chrn of the Archie-inspired series have kept things pretty squeaky clean, but last night we got a little PSA action when they got into the liquor cabinet for a party Betty throws for Jughead's birthday. J.K. Apa's Archie is ready to let loose, and in one scene he strips down to jump around with a bunch of hot ass, buff shirtless guys just looking to sow their wild oats! When I first saw this shot, I thought "Yas gay hazing." Ya'll, hazing is bad. But like...

SEW, yeah, K.J. Apa looks fine as fuck, and I just commend that horned up CW exec for finding a flimsy way to get Apa next to a bunch of other hot shirtless guys. This doesn't look like a high school party. These don't look like high schoolers. And I don't give a furkkkkk! 

As promised, last night's Riverdale also features a gay kiss between Casey Cott's Kevin Keller and Rob Raco's Joaquin. This is the second kiss that we've seen between the two. While the last one included more saliva swapping and chain link fence banging, this time a daddy in the making WATCHES as Cott and Raco go face hole to face hole! He mutters "Mmm mmm mmm. You could cut the sexual tension in here with a knife." I'm like, who's.... going to get DPed? Check out the full shirtless K.J. Apa and gay Casey Cott clips below. 


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