Furk. Meh. KJ Apa More Ripped Than Ever In Shirtless Selfie

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K.J. Apa is the Archie of our dreams on the CW series Riverdale, and in his newest Instagram post, the half Samoan hunk shows off his beyond ripped bod! You could say he's... Samoan-kin' hot. Or maybe let's not. Either Apa stepped into some major overhead lighting for this shirtless selfie, or his body is more shredded than ever. That is a Costco-sized pack of abs if there ever was one. It's also pretty fucking hot seeing his tussled dye job that we'll just pretend is actually post-sex bedhead. (Although considering that the only thing that enters Apa's holes is the spirit of the Lord, it's probably just Vidal Sassoon.)



The boys are digging holes @skeetme1

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So, I can't help but ask: Is this guy really 19 years old? If K.J. Apa gets carded at bars then they might as well hook me up to an IV filled with applesauce and send me off on an ice floe. Apa's Riverdale co-star Cole Sprouse is 24 and yet at least looks like he could hypothetically be in high school. Apa will be a daddy in like 5 days. Whatever the case, Archie has got it go. ing. on. and he could Riverrail me any ol' day!

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