Finally! Cole Sprouse First Shirtless Scene On Riverdale

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It's impossible to watch Riverdale without thinking of the show's producer, Roberto "Of course, they are all beautiful to look at, but for me, what I wanted more was a sense that the characters had a ripe sexuality" Aguirre-Sacasa, and his thirsty ass doesn't disappoint with Cole Sprouse's shirtless scene in the newest episode! Cole plays Jughead on the Archie-inspired CW series, and while the once asexual character's storyline with love interest Betty got lips flapping this week, it's this towel-only shirtless scene that's getting fists fapping.

As you are probably aware, Cole has a twin brother, Dylan Sprouse, and both of them rose to stardom as child actors on Disney's The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. People I work with know Cole as the one with the funny Twitter account and Dylan as the one with the leaked dick pics. Obviously, Dylan has been our favorite up until now. 


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Cole's shirtless scene on Riverdale might just change all that, because the gorgeous 24-year-old shows that he's got a sexy, toned bod for days. After taking a shower in the high school locker room during off hours, Cole stands in front of the mirror in just a towel. Things really heat up when Archie (Christian right Samoan Creamboat K.J. Apa) comes out of the shadows and says "What are you doing in here?" Cole then puts his amazing acting chops to use by casually brushing off the question, to which Apa responds "no really, Jughead, what are you doing in here?"

I'm like, are they going to butt fuck in the locker room?! You'll just have to watch the show to find out, but until then check out the entire shirtless Cole Sprouse scene from Riverdale below! (And yes, the Twitter picture above is from Roberto "There was a sexual energy to them that I look for, more than, like, Oh my God, is this kid TV pretty" Aguirre-Sacasa.)


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