YAS, Hairy Goodness In Gregg Sulkin Shirtless Bello Mag Pics

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Gregg Sulkin is, hands down... my pants, one of the sexiest celebrities out there, and if you aren't already convinced just check out his new spread for Bello Magazine featuring all the hair! We got us some eyebrow hair, pit hair, chest hair, belly hair, hair hair - basically all the keratin goodness you can handle. Gregg sits down with another magazine I've never heard of to discuss his exciting new role in the Marvel comic book series, Runaways, where he divulges that he'll be taking off his shirt for the small screen, natch. 

In case you need your glass refreshed, Gregg Sulkin's last performance was in an untitled short film in which he jerked on his cock for a couple of seconds. It was awesome! Of course, this was part of that larger series featuring dick videos from some other hot pieces including Tyler Posey, Cameron Dallas, Ryan Kelley, and Chris Mears

The folks at Bello Magazine pose Gregg Sulkin, 24, shirtless in the tub before tossing him in the shower where he belongs. His epic dimples only make an appearance on the cover, but if you'll notice, his arm pits take center stage in every damn photo! Nick Jonas should sue - doesn't Sulkin know this shit is patented?



"Don't look back. You're not going that way."

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"If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it." ? @maxthompson

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Gregg Sulkin spills the deets to Bello on his upcoming appearance in the 2018 Hulu original series, Runaways. He plays a high school student who we can only assume got held back half a decade named Chase Stein. The Wizards of Waverly Place, Pretty Little Liars, and Faking It star is looking forward to being a part of the Marvel universe and has this to say about the new gig:

On knowing his true talents:

I had a feeling my shirt would be coming off a lot…so I had to say goodbye to the cookies and hello to the protein!

Yeah I've got some protein for your mouth. On Hart of Dixie being a measure of success for Gregg:

This is a show I really wanted. Then when I found out Josh and Stephanie were involved, you know they did Gossip Girl, The O.C. and Hart Of Dixie, and that it was Marvel as well, I mean I was just like ‘okay well this is a perfect mix. I have to do this.’

On his thirsty ass fans:

I was on set today and we were shooting at a high school and I don’t think about that too often but I got swarmed by like 200 girls and it is so genuinely humbling.

One of them was me in disguise tehehe. On the support he gets from his fans:

I still think it’s kind of crazy that people support me but I am so appreciative of them all. They’re always so sweet, they’re always so nice and it’s great being able to share and grow with them. With my career, I think I’ve grown with my fans and kind of matured as an actor as they’ve matured.

Check out Gregg Sulkin's sexy shirtless shoot for Bello Magazine in the gallery and let us know what you think! 

Read the full interview in Bello Magazine

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