OMG Valentine's Day Miracle: Nick Jonas Watercolors

February 14, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

I promise to only do a ME post literally never again, but if I don't share my Valentine's Day present with you guys I might explode. I'll explode anyway because it's Nick Jonas, but, youknowwhatImean. It turns out that some ho-y trick I'm dating might be for realz, because this morning I received these watercolors of Nick Jonas in his MOST ICONIC poses for Valentine's Day, painted by said ho! Is this what love feels like? Probably not. Maybe if I keep him for another year I can get a Gus Kenworthy tryptic!

Well, that's all. I'm just shooked and had to share. I hope you're spending YOUR Valentine's Day wearing the real Nick Jonas' ass cheeks like earmuffs! (Except for some of you who don't like Nick Jonasty, in which case, git on that Joe pole I guess.)  

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