World's Sexiest Industrial Engineer Has The Internet Wet

February 11, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

If you ever doubted that being stunningly attractive and insanely smart got you places in this world, you were dead wrong! Case in point - the world's sexiest industrial engineer, Keegan Whicker! The unfathomably sexy Whicker is also a bit of an Insta model and has been amassing a collection of shirtless and even nude pictures that I strongly suggest you take a look at. This boy. I tell ya. 


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If you're thinking "You don't actually have to be a genius to be an engineer" you would be correct. I know an idiot who's an engineer and he's my brother. You definitely don't have to be a genius to be an Insta model either, and when you're as disgustingly handsome as Keegan Whicker all you really need to know in this world is how to take a selfie! Honestly, this guy's at a level of perfection that my brain can't even process. I just see a blurry, The Ring-style smudge that I know would reject me. 


Is it even a Sunday if you don't post a selfie? #shameless #selfiesunday

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Keegan hasn't specifically stated that he's gay as far as I can tell, but his homosensuality seems implied since he does drag in some pics, and plus, that whole roller skate/ice cream pic sitch. So who do you think is hotter, this guy or the world's sexiest math teacher, Pietro Boselli? Would you get a low-grade STD to be with Whicker? Check out the Keegan Whicker pictures in the gallery, including looks at his ass and bulge.

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