Colton Haynes Grabs His Penis, Sets Thirst Traps On Vaca

November 28, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Vacation prep got me like...

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While you were getting ready to chow down on some white meat over Thanksgiving break, the stunningly sexy Colton Haynes was giving us a taste of the other white meat, which I would have greatly preferred! I bet his gravy tastes better. This past week Colton Haynes was on vacation in Hawaii, and in addition to a picture in which he grabs his penis and balls through his board shorts, Haynes delivers two other shirtless pics. Of course, the Gay Internet is totally having it, and wants to stuff him in giant Tupperware and snack on him for dayssss. That's... not supposed to be creepy. I would poke holes in it. 

Imagining the 28-year-old Colton's leftovers all over your face should get you through the post-Thanksgiving break blues, especially since he's openly gay and therefore HYPOTHETICALLY your actual future boyfriend. If you're not able to beat out Colton's 5.4 million Insta followers and capture his heart, you can always own a piece of him with his online shop, which as of 10 seconds ago I am completely obsessed with. No like, really I need this Colton Haynes Artisan Candle like nothing else: 


Anywho, does anyone else feel like Colton Haynes is packing a thick dick after seeing his crotch grab picture at the top? Mix in that mental picture with an actual look at his amazing ass, and you're good to go this week. Check out some more of Colton Haynes sexy shirtless snaps below!



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