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October 12, 2016 | Posted in Amateur by garridan-p-faxton

The new studio will be focused on Amateur gay porn scenes

[WATCH: Micah Lake and Brogan Reed BAREBACK - Raw Fuck Boys]

Micah Lake and Brogan Reed star in the latest update

 As we all kind of know, gay porn isn't what it used to be. But still, a company will debut, trying to capture some of the search traffic from an exact match domain and someone looking for very niche porn capture some of the magic from the porn days of yore.

TODAY, that new site is

They've actually been around for about a month, but at this point they have enough content (4 or so scenes) to make it worth your while. They're also being released in a bundle option with other site, including Jason Sparks Live, to REALLY make it worth your while. features bareback fuck scenes from American guys filmed in various locations around the USA. Filmed dirty and raw - what these scenes lack in production value they make up for in pure lust and intensity.

So basically, sounds like Jason Sparks Live, but without the "tour" aspect of the porn scenes, American Muscle Hunks, but without the muscle (and without Johnny V and Joey D), and like, but...well it sounds JUST like 

Talk about a race to the bottom.

The latest update at Raw Fuck Boys features Brogan Reed and Micah Lake.

And if you're wondering, Micah Lake is on bottom, and Brogan Reed (who isn't an amateur, considering he's done gay porn before, but who am I to judge, with all of these nondescript porn models calling themselves "stars") is on top.



"When we were approached with this new site we got pretty excited," says GunzBlazing President Robyn Way, &ququot;There's so many hot guys in the US and this site isnt going to focus on any of them in particular just bring you new guys and new scenes every week."

So RawFuckBoys won't have any real focus, except nondescript, probably white boys, fucking bareback. Hasn't this been done before? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Which do you prefer - amateur gay porn, or more polished gay porn scenes from established studios?

Will you be checking Raw Fuck Boys out?


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