It's Team GB Divers' Big Gay World and We're Just Living In It

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Oh-Rio-ly... Great Britain Divers Sport New Speedos ahead of Rio Olympics, and Everything's Just Pretty Gay

Tom Daley and the rest of the Team Great Britain divers debuted their new swimwear ahead of the 2015 Rio Summer Olympics, and oh God it's SO gay and amazing. If nothing else, these pics from Daley, Jack Laugher, Daniel Goodfellow, Freddie Bevis Woodward, and Chris Mears make me feel vindicated for how horny my younger gay self got while watching the Summer Olympics. It's not porn... but it's not not porn-esque. 

Apparently these tiny little things stretched around these tiny little twinks come from a collaboration between Adidas and Stella McCartney, and are 10% lighter then previous Great Britain Diver clementine catchers. Okay, and you're not going to be-fucking-lieve this next part. This is a statement from the openly gay Tom Daley about the upcoming Olympics competition: Via Instinct (link below)

Things become very real the moment your bag is packed for competition. It was a huge honour to work with Adidas and Stella McCartney during the design process and I can’t wait to wear the final kit in Rio as part of Team GB.

"The moment your bag is packed." I'm done. It's over. Check out the pics of these cuties below! Wait, are these just Cocky Boys trolling us? 



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Via Instinct

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